News about David Vidal and La Casa de los dioses

July 3, 2014

I have noticed that a lot of readers find this site when they Google “David Vidal” and La Casa de los dioses. I have som info about him and his place here. In december 2013 we got news that the owner of the barn where Davis has his place was going to put it on the market. People started to raise money for David so he would be able to buy the place. In the beginning of 2014 the chance to raise enough money looked a bit bleak. When David closed his blog and his Facebook page I feared that he had closed the place down.

However, recently I got news from a Canadian pilgrim who had passed La casa de los dioses in the spring of 2014, that David still kept his place going. I asked one of my Swedish readers who are walking the Camino now in July 2014 to look up David and ask how he’s doing. Yesterday he sent me the pictures below. David has managed to buy his place and will continue his work to help pilgrims. He will not be present on the internet in the future though, for his own reasons.

David Vidal

David Vidal (right) and pilgrim Gunde Nilsson (Photo: Gunde Nilsson)

La Casa de los Dioses in July 2014 (Photo: Gunde Nilsson)


La Casa de los Dioses in July 2014 (Photo: Gunde Nilsson)


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